Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spring Trends

Spring is looking fresh! Obviously ever year when March hits, you want to pull out your brightly colored floral dress to shake off the winter blues. This season is no different in terms of trends- brights are huge, as well a minimalistic approach to pairing neutrals with denim. Wide leg pants showcase a pretty top, and the 70s are heavily influencing head to toe looks by incorporating a maxi dress with a big brimmed hat and shimmering accessories.

This post actually ties into the next one we are doing, called our Spring 2011 Lookbook. This will be up later this week and we are thrilled to show you how we're putting together our early Spring ensembles. As always, great style is paired with a great price. Stay tuned!


Colleen said...

I am really enjoying these colors. I love your blog and have been checking it for awhile now. I am definitely following you! Return the favor?


Have A Rainy Day! <3