Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Arrivals and New Markdowns!

We have to let you know that we've made a lot of new markdowns lately!

All sale denim is under $50, and the new markdowns ended up making a lot of other things under $50 and under $100 too!

And what about shoes? They're between $18 and $44.
These sizes are moving fast!

What's new?
Keep scrolling down to see what we've gotten lately, and if you haven't been in lately, you should visit us very soon!

In other news, we just got in an amazing (!) silk wrap dress with pockets.
The fit is perfection, and we'll have a picture up soon!

If you've ever tried on a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, you know exactly what I'm talking about!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tiers Upon Tiers

Definitely a more sophisticated alternative to banded dresses that we've seen lately.
It's a comfortable, flattering choice to wear for any fun occasion, and we're extremely excited to have it! (We realize you do other things besides go to weddings)

It's really just as seasonless as any LBD can be. The cool tones are not too bright, but not too dark.


All these tiers can do no wrong, really. And the picture doesn't do any justice to the dress itself.

Everyone that's tried on this dress has commented that it fits really well! And we're glad, because the greys/lilacs/and muted blues makes this halter turn out to be so much more unique dress to have within your reach.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Silky, Bright, Summer Flair

A refreshing silk dress to love!
The fuchsia, pink, blue and yellow print is perfect and not too loud.

Airy and light, this silk racerback dress comes with pockets! Yay, and they don't add excess weight.

It may look tricky on the hangar, but the unique halter neckline and the fitted body is really hard to displease.
We'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Love/Hate Relationship

There are people who love maxi dresses, and there are people who hate them. And I totally understand if certain crowds think maxi dresses are an extreme step back in time.

Good maxis flatter you, bad maxis hide you.
Think of it like finding your perfect fit for denim. If it flatters YOU individually, it doesn't matter how tall you are. But if you're on the shorter side like I am, then unfortunately this does involves a trip to the tailor, to chop a foot or two.

This one is really vibrant, and colorful! It's our newest one, but it's not our only maxi.
You'll see when you come in next time.


But don't be afraid! You will fall in love once you find your right fit, wherever you find it.

Comfortable Enough to Throw on, Yet Flattering

What happened to the things that fit your entire body well, without requiring you to be dressed up for an occasion, or making you run out to buy a pair of Spanx. (Not that everyone needs a pair of those things anyhow)

Even in our own store, we always sigh relief when something figure-flattering, shows up in the form of the fabric we love to live in.

Ah, jersey cotton. The bust of this dress is knotted, a refreshing change of pace. I'm sure you don't have anything like this.


If the print doesn't tickle your fancy, that's okay!
We still have another dress in a similar silhouette. It's a navy halter dress, with thicker straps, comes in a white flower print that's hard to miss.
Just keep an eye out for it, or ask us the next time you visit us!

Worn Right, They Become Staples

I personally love silks. They're breathable and easy to wear, not stuffy and uncomfortable like synthetics can be. Aside from their delicate care, they don't let me down no matter what the season. And that's the beauty of such a light and airy piece.Whether it's hot or cool, they add an understated sophistication to your look.

The printed overlay, and the combination of greens on this top, are just right. Not too dark, but not too light, so this can carry you through season after season.


If it tickles your fancy, you'll love the raw-edge silk pleats layered onto this next silk top. It's hard to explain, but easy to fall in love with, because this fits so well once you put it on. And the buttons down the back make for an adorable, uncommon detail.

This top doesn't need to be cinched at all, but if you wish to, it comes with the matching sash pictured.


You don't look overdone when you pair them with sandals and jeans, but you look put together in a fresh way, when you pair it with your classic staples. Whether or you tuck it in, or wear it over your denim/pants/skirts, it just might become one of your favorite unique pieces to reach for.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Classic Print We Love: Houndstooth

Depending on how you wear it, houndstooth can be retro or modern. We like to think that this is a modern take, as a sleeveless ruffled blouse.

For work, you can be office-chic by:
  • Wearing it under a blazer, or your favorite cardigan
  • Wearing it over your favorite suiting pant
  • Tucking it into a skirt, you choose between pleated, pencil, or a-line (high-waisted or not, depends on your cup of tea)
For play, you can be casual chic by:
  • Dressing it down with a pair of your favorite bootcut denim, and cute sandals/flats for extra comfort
  • Dressing it up with your favorite pair of white jeans, or dark denim for the summer
  • Throw a cute pair of wedges into the mix, and you're ready for dinner or a fun night out!

Embroidered Pieces are the Perfect Touch for Summer Looks

We get a little obsessed with embroidery sometimes, but we make sure not to go over the top! You don't want people thinking you're living in the wrong decade.

Here are two easy embroidered pieces that are comfy and fuss-free:

We love being able to pair this skirt with tees or tanks, in an effort to stay cool in this sweltering heat.

To cinch, or not to cinch?
Either way, you can't go wrong, because this top has a such cute neckline! The silhouette makes it easy to to tuck into a skirt, or wear over your favorite denim.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Seasonless Woven Knit in Warm Tones and Cool Tones

With the lightly ruffled tier at the hem, this woven knit is a great transition piece from day to night.


And here is a peak at our window, for the same woven knit, in cool tones:

Not to mention, everyone always searches for breathable dresses for summer weddings, right? This is perfect for dancing the night away with your closest friends or family on that special day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Strapless Dresses You Can Depend On

Still in the woven cottons you love, this summer, our favorite dress is back! This time, it's outfitted in a show-stopping, true red body. In addition, we have a new color-blocked body as well. The solid red number has been stirring a lot of attention in our window!

These two strapless silhouettes (both with pockets) are classic hits at Peyton's Place every single season. So they might look a little familiar to you!



Monday, June 15, 2009

A Modern Take on a Vintage Silhouette

We absolutely adore the bright confetti pattern and the adorable racerback on this dress! It's the perfect mix of colors to brighten up any occasion! The cut and style of this woven cotton dress, is perfect for staying cool, but stylish in Austin this summer!