Monday, June 30, 2008

$2.59 Any Garment!!!! One Price Cleaners

Working at Peyton's Place = Having Really Cute Clothes = Expensive Dry Cleaning Bills! We now have an answer to that prayer. $2.59 for your Ultra Long Flowy Maxi Dress or your Silk Belt - BRILLIANT! While the outside looks shady and the price too good to be true, the end product was as good as anyone else. We know...your welcome!

Just drive down South Lamar and it's at the corner on Manchaca (for some weird reason pronounced Manchac by Austinites) - behind the Thundercloud on the left.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

We Couldn't Help Ourselves...

While we were on the topic 90210 from the other day, I couldn't help but post another old favorite. They just don't come up with theme songs like they used to. So turn up your speakers, rock a side pone, and travel back in time with DJ and Kim Gibbler.

Friday, June 27, 2008

902 What?

90210... puh leeze - 78701! Now take your party over to West 6th, it's way cooler than the Peach Pit.

Do you have OCD?

We sure do! This precious new jewelry line, Obsessive Compulsive Design, is all handmade here in TX - every piece is dainty, fresh, and elegant. These earrings are perfect for any occassion, whether its your staple everyday peice or to go with your LBD.

What makes these blue topaz earrings even better - only $38 here at Peyton's Place!

Card of the Week!

If you're having trouble deciding what to do with your weekend, what the hell - come over to Peyton's Place and enjoy free AC, friendly folks, and awesome sales.
(Card - $2.15 at Peyton's Place)

Something to Tote About

Kate Spade Lobster Tote - $365 (Seriously?!)Our Peyton's Place Lobster Straw Tote is only $25 (top that Kate)! The inside is an adorable brown and cream funky print with zipper top. We are obssessed! Nothing spells summer more than sun, sand, beach, and fresh sea food! I want to take this bag to small town Cape Cod and have a Hemingway on a small beachfront palapa.

Don't be a Hag, Update your Bag!

We can't get enough of these makeup bags - the prints are fun, bright, and modern! Be organized while still looking glam and chic! They come in an array of sizes - hold your brushes, stash your lingerie, or house your makeup. Whatever it is, there is one for every need.

Your New Best Friend!

These are the PERFECT belts to cinch your waist and add some figure. The elasticity of the belt allows for a lot of variety in what you wear it with; for example, maternity dresses, cover ups, flowy skirts, loose get the drift. This particular waist forgiver comes in black (as shown), tan, and red. We also have some similar belts in brown and yellow.

Attention Pet Lovers!

Not sure what to do with that box of scarves in your closet - adorn your pooch! She wants to be just as fabulously fashionable as you, and why not - she's yours! Lola is Rhoni's 3 year old golden modeling this summer's turqoise skull and cross bones silk scarf - Looking Good!

A New "Happy Hour" In Town!

While it's not time to bring out your winter plaids, you can certainly get prepared with what sounds like the most fun this summer (and a good alternative to plain jane happy hour).... Beginner Scottish Country Dances, also known as - Ceilidh Dances. Austin's very own Silver Thistle will be hosting 5 classes every Thursday this July - $25 for the 5 week course. The beginner class will be from 7.30 to 9pm . Refreshments served. The basic footwork and rhythm needed to dance Scottish Country is easy to pick up - this is a very laid back class with the emphasis on having fun with the dance, rather than perfection in the execution.You will also learn and hopefully master 10 favorite ceilidh dances.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Exquisite Visions of Japan: The Blanton

Take a cue from the innovative Harajuku girls of Japan and dare to be original - seek your inspiration this summer at the Blanton Museum of Art's exhibition - Exquisite Visions of Japan: Prints from the James A. Michener Collection of the Honolulu Academy of Arts JUNE 29-AUGUST 24th. Unless otherwise noted, all programs are open to the public and are included in the price of museum admission. Admission on Thursdays is free, and the museum is open until 9 p.m. on the Third Thursday of the month.

I have personally always loved Japanese prints - they are whimsical and enchanting to the eye. You will not be disappointed.

Express Yourself!

You can express yourself while you sleep with these adorable silk sleep masks! They make a great present for a friend or for yourself! They feel just as good as they know you've always wanted one!
(Silk Sleep Masks - $18-25)

Breakfast at Tiffany's!

Breakfast at Tiffany's Eye Mask - $33 at Peyton's Place

Need I say More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Audrey Inspired Dresses

Speaking of Audrey Hepburn, she definately would have loved these bright figure flattering dresses! They are timeless and classic with fun bursts of color! Put away your maternity dresses (unless you belt them) and show off those curves you worked all winter for!

(Both dresses are only $158)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summers "IT" Sandal

Comfortable and dead on summer trend, we'll wear these sandals through out the season.

(Only $60 at Peyton's Place)

Go Dainty

Your perfect everyday necklace - wear it alone or layer it with some of your favs. At $15 - 25 they are a steal!

All Jeans 50% OFF!

No need to beg, all designer jeans 50% off!

Have a Gander...

We know you all have your favorite lip gloss, but this will instantly take first place! With it's tropical taste and colors that make you look fresh and natural - you'll love Lucy B's Fresh Juice Ultra Shiny lip gloss!

Lucy B is the only colour range in the world to have infused the natural Australian Flower Essences within their products offering you a taste of the Australian energy & lifestyle.

Say "G'day Mate" to Lucy B's new line now available at Peyton's Place!

You Glow Girl!

Just in! This lightly fragranced bronzing shimmer oil is just what you need to get that perfect summer glow. You can use it not only on your face and body, but your hair too! No worries - it's not oily, after melting into your skin you'll just want more!

Austin's Pizza

After indulging in a BBQ pizza for lunch, we thought this was more than appropriate!
(Borealis Press - $2.15 @ Peyton's Place)

So Boho!

These bags speak for themselves - adorable and affordable at only $45! The leaf charms are too cute, adding a bohemian vibe. They are a must have! Did we mention it also comes in yellow?

Indian Inspired Jewelry

Tracy Tenpenny just came by the store and dropped off these adorable earrings called The Lola. We also have them in turqoise! So embrace your inner sun goddess - whether it's day or night, you will sparkle!

Elizabeth W

Elizabeth W is known for her Bath Pouches - a wash cloth filled with scented bath salts. My favorite scent is Rose! You'll feel pretty and relaxed for the rest of the day! The good news - they are only $12!

This Sweet Tea scent is very summery, you feel like your in a field of fresh wildflowers. All of her fragrances are clean and light.

The Perfect Birthday Present!

Roller Ball Perfumes = only $8!

We LOVE Souler Therapy! Not only will your friend be impressed that you knew her sign, but she will love the fragrance as well (all specifically designed for your sign)! All 12 candles come in a cute bright color and a book that describes the traits behind your sign. You can also let your friend know that they are made in San Antonio - basically Austin's little cousin!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Great Gift Items!

With their bright colors and gold trim, these classic leather coin purses remind us of something that came out of your grandmothers closet - only $15 for the small and $20 for the large.

These $13 enamel bracelets look like they came from a vacation...somewhere like Bora Bora or Tahiti!
These $3 leather bracelets look cute worn alone, mixed with other bracelets, or stacked with as many as 10. (In my opinion, the more you have the better!) The bracelet comes in red, black, tan, pewter, and olive! The perfect accessory for any summer outfit.

Welcome to Peyton's Place

Hi Peyton's Place Customers and Friends! Welcome to our new Blog! Please check us daily as we'll be adding new pics to share with you! Hope you all have a great day!

Claire and Rhoni