Monday, September 28, 2009

Delicate and Detailed

These two are one of our top picks in the entire store. The feel of silk, the delicate details, the buds of orchids, and the fit--everything about them is feminine and put together without being over the top. And they're also in our two favorite colors for Fall, teal and plum.


In addition to the beautiful silk pattern, the teal top is also trimmed in black and gold squiggly mesh that really complements the whole look. There is nothing eloquent about that description, but when you see it in person, you'll know what I mean, I hope.

If we had to choose wearing a top instead of a dress, this would be THE top to wear. It's subtle but special. Just how we like it!

The plum dress is a wrap, making it an easy fit. Rather than squiggly mesh (there has to be a better word for these things), the dress is trimmed in a grey pleated chiffon ruffle, and grey chiffon twisted into rope. The overall look makes it feel like a gorgeous, but flirty, vintage find that lived in the closet of someone I'd certainly love to meet.