Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Worn Right, They Become Staples

I personally love silks. They're breathable and easy to wear, not stuffy and uncomfortable like synthetics can be. Aside from their delicate care, they don't let me down no matter what the season. And that's the beauty of such a light and airy piece.Whether it's hot or cool, they add an understated sophistication to your look.

The printed overlay, and the combination of greens on this top, are just right. Not too dark, but not too light, so this can carry you through season after season.


If it tickles your fancy, you'll love the raw-edge silk pleats layered onto this next silk top. It's hard to explain, but easy to fall in love with, because this fits so well once you put it on. And the buttons down the back make for an adorable, uncommon detail.

This top doesn't need to be cinched at all, but if you wish to, it comes with the matching sash pictured.


You don't look overdone when you pair them with sandals and jeans, but you look put together in a fresh way, when you pair it with your classic staples. Whether or you tuck it in, or wear it over your denim/pants/skirts, it just might become one of your favorite unique pieces to reach for.